Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Download: GOAL! Behind the Scenes of Our New Soccer Startup Animation

At Motorola, we are here to bring people together by connecting them to each other wherever they are. And for one summer every four years, the world comes together for the game of soccer (football, for some)—and what better reason to celebrate?

So when you’re not busy at home watching soccer (perhaps even using our new home mode in Motorola Assist, which we launched last week), check out our new soccer startup animation, which we rolled out Tuesday to Moto X, Moto G, and Moto E globally.

We wanted users everywhere to connect with our animation, so we decided to spotlight the different types of fields where people can play soccer across the world. After all, unlike other sports, you don’t need specific wood courts or tennis stadiums or 100 yards of grass. You just need yourself, a ball, and a wide open space, whether grass, concrete, asphalt, or packed dirt.

Taking our users to the various soccer fields—from dirt lots, to school practice fields, to concrete back alleys, to official turf in Brazil—meant creating four different globes in addition to the ball in a 3D computer environment—which we manually rotated to capture the finished story.

And thus our final animation was born:

The animation started rolling out Tuesday, but if you haven’t received it yet on your Moto X, Moto G, or Moto E, be sure to download the latest Motorola Boot Services and restart your phone. We hope you like it.

Posted by Meet Jariwala, Motorola Boot Services Product Manager

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