Friday, September 26, 2014

The Download: #MotoTips for Your #Moto360

When we designed Moto 360, we focused on building a modern timepiece. It not only fits your look but also assists you in everyday tasks as you make your way through the day. Just like our phones, we want you to have an experience that gets better and better over time, so Wednesday we shared our first update to Moto 360.

The new update enhances our Bluetooth connectivity and adds a new message that confirms Moto 360 is charging even when the battery is depleted. We also squashed a few bugs.

There are also some simple tricks to help make the most of your Moto 360. So, for today’s Download, we’ve devoted our regular spotlight on software to #MotoTips for #Moto360.

Here are two. What are yours?

Changing and Customizing Your Watchface
Simply long press to change the face and then use Motorola Connect (don’t forget to download it here!) to customize the colors and look to your style.

Access to Settings
Holding down your button for four seconds.

Posted by Howard Shen, Product Management

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