Thursday, December 10, 2015

“21 in 1”: 21 megapixels. 21 moments. 1 shot.

By now you’ve heard and read a lot about the Moto X Pure Edition’s* highly rated 21 MP camera, but as the old adage goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words,” so we decided to put it to the test by taking the phone down to Coney Island in Brooklyn, NY with renowned photographer Ryan Schude.

We challenged Schude to capture 21 moments in a single shot using the 21 MP camera on his Moto X while choreographing more than 60 people doing what they love. The result is what we’re calling “21 in 1.” Behind each of the 21 moments is a story, some of which have connective threads with others, told in video shorts. Taken with the Moto X Pure Edition, the image highlights the power of the top-rated camera and creatively demonstrates the phone’s ability to enable you to do more of what you love. Take a behind-the-scenes journey of the planning, preparation and final product of Schude’s “21 in 1”:

Look closely among the assembled Brooklynites and you’ll see the likes of competitive eater Joey Chestnut (known for gobbling down Coney Island’s famous Nathan’s hot dogs every Fourth of July), graffiti artist and designer Jeff Soto and actor Terence Michos -- better known as “Vermin” from the cult classic, 'The Warriors'. Even two of our own Moto camera engineers -- Peter Matsimanis and Chekit Mehta -- got into the action by getting up close and personal with a local snake handler.

See all the videos on Instagram @Moto21in1.

So now that you’ve seen what a pro can do with the Moto X Pure Edition camera, show us how Moto X helps you do more of what you love by using hashtags #XOMotoX and #21in1.

*Moto X Pure Edition is the US version of Moto X Style.

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